Congratulations to our new officers for the 2017-18 school year

Co-Presidents - Cassie Davis and Katie Jenkins

Co-Vice-Presidents - Mathew Kinnear and Corey Chiou

Secretary - Katherine Sarkel

Treasurer - Christina Gillotti


Region Orchestra Audition information


The audition information for next years South Central Region Orchestra 
has been released on the S.C. Region website (

Please let your students should be checking there on to find all of the 

string audition materials. The auditions will still be taking place via 

Accept'd. Winds will be able to submit their all-state recording for region 

orchestra through the all-state accept'd. The wind excerpts for region 

orchestra are the same as All-State.

If a current 8th grader is auditioning to participate as a 9th grader 
next year, should register under the name of Mr.Sholl, not Mrs. Faulkner.

The timeline for auditions is as follows:

March 1: Application and audition material available
May 31: Deadline for all applications to be submitted
August 31: Notification of results to applicants and directors
September 30: Due date for acceptance form and membership fee

All-State Orchestra will function the same way it always has. It will still be the top 
chairs from each region. This audition timeline change does not allow 
students to bypass their Region Orchestra in order to participate in 
All-State. That aspect of the audition process will stay as it always 
has been.




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2017-18 Hilliard Davidson High School Orchestra Handbook